Saturday, February 16, 2013

YouTube views for Bsmyth Single #Leggo ft. 2Chainz has taken over and to a Good start at that. Racking up over 3millions + views on World Star Hip Hop and over 1million + on VEVO and this is his 1st Single.  WOW!

Signing to Motown over a year ago, this native Floridian realized the perks of having a well known label behind him when they were selecting the song for his first single. He quotes "After we did 'Leggo' we knew that it was real high-energy, so we wanted a rapper on it. Motown came to me and ask who was some of my favorite rappers?  Of course I said 2chainz was one of them. They were like oh he is across the hall. Def Jam and Motown are sister labels so it wasn't hard to get him.

Bsmyth goes on to talk about why they did the Leggo video like they did.  "It was because I wanted the world to see me as a Artist and not be distracted by other thing that could have been in the video like girls or cars.  It was very important to me that the world saw the type of Artist I am."  Motown has giving me the opportunity to be very involve in my career with them.

Bsmyth also has been in the lab working with some AWESOME Producer's and Songwriters on his debut album. He names a few (Swizz Beatz, Kevin Mccall, Tank,The Bizness, Ne-Yo and No.ID.  There are more but he would not say who they are.

With 'Leggo' getting radio play now in places as far as Dubai, Bsmyth is sure to blow up. He had the opportunity to open up for Trey Songz and Miguel in Houston and Dallas. He also open up for Diggy and the OMG Girlz in Memphis.   Wow! what a Great year for this young man. All of his Hard work and Dedication is really paying off for him. His favorite words are "Gotta Work Harder" and "Stay On The Grind".  I must say it shows.

He also talk about his Fans. "Without the Fans this could not be possible. They have Supported me since day 1.  GOD has Truly Blessed Me with this gift so I want to give back. That's why I work so hard.  I had the opportunity to be apart of two Charity Events. That was AWESOME!  It such a good feeling giving back to others.

Bsmyth talks about his family. He says that his Mom and his brother is his number 1 Fans.  They have been there through the ups and downs in his career. "They have my back no matter what".  They always encourage me to STAY FOCUS and HUMBLE.

In 2013, he hopes to tour all over the world and nab The Best New Artist at the Grammy's. Looking forward he wants to put out nothing but Platinum records and being "able to touch the World with his Music."  This young man is Truly a SUPER STAR!!!! Stay Tune!! for more from this young man.

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