Thursday, March 8, 2012

@TheRealBSmyth on iROCK with @Rockstarr_Diva

Twitterview Thursday with @TheRealBSmyth

@Rockstarr_Diva: I Just have to say you have the internet buzzing, the grind is very unique in less than 2yrs I’m seeing this #TeamBSmyth everywhere!!
@TheRealBSmyth: Yes #TeamBsmyth is AWESOME they are dedicated to making everyone know who I am. I have never seen anyone work hard. Without the help of my mother, brother, team and TeamBsmyth I don’t know where I would be right now. I have an AWESOM Team!
 @Rockstarr_Diva : That is WHATS UP!!!! So tell me what your inspirations were on becoming a music artist?
@TheRealBSmyth: I would have to say my mother. She used to sing with a band and at wedding you know stuff like that. I would always hear her around the house singing and playing different artists music like the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Marvin Gays, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Rachelle Fferell, MaryJ Blige Jodeci, Aaliyah, Freddy Jackson, The Temptations, Hi-Five and others.
Michael Jackson has also inspired me. He is one of the Greatest of all time and when I first saw him on TV performing I knew that I wanted to do what he was doing. Watching how he becomes one with the music from the Top of his head to the bottom of his feet is just Awesome to me. He has inspired me a lot.

@Rockstarr_Diva: It’s funny you said MJ was one of your musical inspirations, from watching your performances i can see that LOL!!! So what do you think sets you apart from other aspiring artists in the game?
@TheRealBSmyth: What sets me apart from other young singers and performers on the scene right now are my different styles of dance, my personality and sincerity. I’m genuinely sincere about the music. I want my music to relate to everyone

@Rockstarr_Diva: Good answer B!! What are you hoping to accomplish throughout your music career?
@TheRealBSmyth: I hope to encourage other young artist with my story. Show them that there is nothing they can’t do in life no matter what it is. To Stay Focus and keep Positive things around them and get rid of all the Negative things no matter what it is in their life so that their Blessing can come through. I want to sell out Madison Square Garden. I want my music to be love worldwide internationally. I want to touch the people Hearts, Mind and Soul with my music.

@Rockstarr_Diva: And you most certainly have a story to tell!! Tell us something your fans would probably be surprised to know about you?
@TheRealBSmyth: That I am Artistic. I can just look at something and draw it. Someone even wanted to buy my drawings once. LOL!

@Rockstarr_Diva: Are there any famous musicians you would like to work with?
@TheRealBSmyth My dream collaboration would have to be with Stevie Wonder because I just think he is an incredible. He has the whole package and is one of the Greatest of all time. I would also like to work with Haley Williams, Kevin Mccall, Bruno Mars,Tank, MaryJ Blige, Beyonce and Adele.

@Rockstarr_Diva: Adele is definitely killing the game right now! A song with her would be HUGE!!! What is the BIGGEST misconception about you?
@TheRealBSmyth: That I am arrogant but I am not I just have confidence in myself. I am giving and humble.

@Rockstarr_Diva: Thats what’s up!!! Remaining humble will most certainly get your far!!! With recently being signed to Universal/Motown how has your life changed?
@TheRealBSmyth: Well I’m in the studio now working hard on my Album. Hopefully you will hear my own music real soon. Living witness of dreams really coming true.
@Rockstarr_Diva: Congrats!!! That deal is MAJOR!!!! Soooooooo Mr. Smyth What can we expect to see next from @TheRealBSmyth?
@TheRealBSmyth: You can expect to hear my own music real soon. EP Entertainment/ Universal and Motown are making sure that I have everything I need when I make my first appearance to the world.

@Rockstarr_Diva : Are you a member of any music organizations?
@TheRealBSmyth: BMI & #TeamBSmyth thats it!

@Rockstarr_Diva: What is some advice you would give to a star on the rise?
@TheRealBSmyth: “Stay on the Grind and Stay Focus even when they tell you NO. All so you have to STAY FOCUS!!

@Rockstarr_Diva Staying Focused is key!!! I know you’ve got some shot-outs lets hear em?
@TheRealBSmyth: I would like to S/O my Mother Tracy Smith and my Brother Denzil Smith and my Team and Most of all to #TeamBsmyth, #TeamBsmythUK, Africa, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Canada and Australia just to name some but you can find #TeamBsmyth around the world. #TeamBsmyth has work really hard for me so I Love them all for that. They are the Greatest and I can’t ask for anything more.

@Rockstarr_Diva: Where can fans, friends & supporters find you on the web?
@TheRealBSmyth: They can find and follow me on Utube, Tumblr:, FB: www.facebook/ ,, Twitter:@TheRealBsmyth and TeamBsmyth Blog: http//

I have been working very hard with my label EP Entertainment/Universal/Motown that I haven’t really had a change to put up more videos like I want to but here is my most recent (Cover) Frank Ocean – Thinking About You.

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